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Greetings from Montenegro

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Hello to everybody, Im from Montenegro , small country in Europe , on coast of Adriatic sea. Im a beginner , Ive been "smithing"  for a few times  in the last 2 years, now decided its time to get back to it and build a proper forge (JABOD)  and a stand for sledge hammer (anvil). Ive made a few knifes , and a few leafs, 2 tongs. So very little experience , but hoping to stick with this and learn more.  Today I made a hook for my headset to hang, so decided to post for the first time. 

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Welcome aboard skovacijer glad to have you. 

Sounds like you have a good idea of what you really need to learn blacksmithing, a sledge hammer head makes a fine anvil. How are you going to mount it? On end I hope and on something solid to the ground. 

A JABOD makes an excellent forge there are more in use every day. 

Frosty The Lucky. 

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13 hours ago, Frosty said:

How are you going to mount it? On end I hope and on something solid to the ground. 

Here are some pics of the setup, anvil is on lumber beams dug into the ground about 30cm, on that little stump hammered in the horn and made a small hardy hole . I  will put a plate on it that i have and drill some holes in it for hardy tools (when i make them) and for punching and chiseling . I need to tweak the JABOD a bit because i think the fire pit is a bit too deep, i find i have to angle the stock to get it to the right spot for heating it up. Everything works for now .
And please do not mind the mess and clutter :D . its all outside in the garden





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