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any source of insulating fire brick in kansas city area

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Welcome aboard, glad to have you. Do you have a name or nick we can call you? mxlj is pretty clumsy and you'd probably rather come up with your own handle than let us give you one.

The places to look for refractories are HVAC and furnace supply and service companies. If you use the telephone you'll have much better luck. I know virtually nothing about KC so all I can do is tell you what's worked well for me doing this kind of detective work. Trying to ask questions through the "Contact Us" button of virtually any commercial web site isn't going to get far. They want folk looking to buy truck loads to contact them, not one of us only wanting a dozen bricks.

However talking to the receptionist is WAY more fruitful. Be nice, don't tell long stories just ask the question. "Hello, Warmer Than The Other Guys" furnace supply, how may I help you?"  Good morning, I'm looking to buy a small quantity of Morgan Ceramics K-26 fire bricks." "I don't think we carry those but let me check, one moment please." Sound of keys being tapped or pages flipped  while you wait patiently. "Sorry, we don't carry those but "Bob's Boiler Builders" probably uses them, give them a call at. ###-####." Sound of you writing things down while you thank the receptionist for his/er time and wish a nice day.

You've got a solid lead! Even if Bob's doesn't use or sell K-26 he'll know who does.

Sometimes you have to call maybe 3 places before you get the right outfit.

Till them try doing a web search for "Morgan Thermal Ceramics" There is an "outlet near you" button. If you're lucky there will be a distributor near you, if not put on your detective shoes. It gets cold in KC furnace and HVAC service companies MUST BUY SUPPLIES somewhere. 

Frosty The Lucky. 

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