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Rivet Forge Air Inlet Problem!!

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I need help guys. I just recently bought a rivet forge And a lot of other various tools from my mechanic At work. It’s my first forge and I just recently got into smithing. 
So I used it a couple of times and everything is going good, it’s a very simple set up, just the forge, coal and a hair dryer that I set into the air inlet.

I got to working on a my first attempt at a chefs knife or just a kitchen knife for my wife today and notice embers and fireflies out of the bottom of the pan, wellllllll I got down there and start looking around and the air inlet evidently was more rusted than I originally thought, and it has broken off the pan. I want to try and save this forge as I really enjoy using it, does anyone have ANY idea how I might be able to save it? 

might I add that ANY idea at all I will accept just please help!

As a note, I was too stoked and excited when I got the forge that I was ignorant and didn’t think to try and fix problems that might have been present before I started using it. 

Talk about a Homer Simpson idiotic moment. 

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Welcome aboard... Have you read this yet?  READ THIS FIRST   It will help you get the best out of the forum. If you edit your profile to show your location you may be surprised how many members are near enough to lend a hand. If you post a couple of pictures it will help with giving advice. Making a tuyere is not a big deal if you have the equipment like a welder. A hair dryer is not the best for an air supply. They can be made to work but you need a way to control the air input to the fire.

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Picture is necessary.  However if the forge is now to the state that there is just a round hole in the bottom of the tray you can use a plumbing floor flange hooked to a nipple going to a tee with a short pipe for the blower and a short pipe for the ash dump---a flap works better than a cap on the ash dump and depending on how much excess air you are getting, you may not want a cover for the ash dump but use it to waste air.

There are a number of ways to put a grate on a set up like this. One simple way is to take a steel rod and bend it into N and place it over the hole.

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