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Anvil Identification

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I'm a beginning blacksmith and am trying to compile the needed tools for my own forge. There's this one anvil in my blacksmithing class that I've really taken a shine to and I'd like to find one similar to it but I have no idea what type of anvil it is. My teacher doesn't really know(it was at the school before he was) he says it's a cast anvil and around 100 pounds. I haven't been able to find any markings on it and haven't been able to find any similar looking anvils online. Any help would be super appreciated! This is in the US, Oregon specifically.



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Welcome aboard Violet... I always recommend this to get the best out of the forum.  READ THIS FIRST

There are new anvils being made here in the U.S. that are close to that anvils shape. You might want to go to Centaur Forge to have a look. There have been several reviews on here about them along with the Acciaio anvil. A web search as shown in the read this first thread will bring them up.

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