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proof of concept for folding knives using some new old stock sickle mower sections.


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ive done a little bit with them. they're hardened new anneal like a simple carbon steal would its seems, and hardens very well in oil just post non mag. problem is already have bevels taking up a decent amount of the already small surface, they forge weld fine but cutting all those little rectangle would be pain staking. so i figured times would arise where id need a personal tool that needs a hardenable bit, they're thin but if its just for me heck it, cashing in on a little of my steel hoarding is always gratifying. 

anyway yesterday i thought small simple folding carving/widdling knives, re-usable utility knives for your people working in the many jobs that reguire breaking down boxes. you get the picture, little folding knives. 

lit up the heat maker at around 7:30 and proccessed a piece of what i think was bed frame spring?. slipeed it threw the whole and started twisting. now this one wont fold but it will give me an idea of the likely hood i can produce some good tools with little waste and minor modification to the original piece of material.


sickle knife.jpg

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