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Curious how hot inlet pipe should get gas


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After about an hour and a half the propane inlet pipe was hot up to about where the gas comes in and meets the air (the prebuilt kit type with spinning disk to let air in on top, yes its mortared)

Just making sure its normal, I did insulate that pipe a bit about half way up to pipe with the cermaic fiber blanket, for no reason other than my forge kit came with 500x more than I needed to fill the gap around the inlet and I just wanted to use it for something :P

and Id like to say, gas is so much nicer than having to use coal :P

I figure even if it gets hot, its fine as long as it doesnt heat up the tubing thats connected to the inlet pipe and make it loose/melt it.



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I did read the TOS, I meant to link the image :( 

I had'nt added my location due to just forgetting.  I thought my question was detailed enough?  Suppose not and Ive googled for 3 days so figured this was the best place online to ask since the smithy reddit is so slow.

Thanks for the help!  Ill keep googling for an answer, sorry to bug ya and make you work ;)
Have a good day!



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Welcome aboard Del where ever you are, glad to have you. Putting your general location in the header could put you in touch with someone who already knows how to tweak your forge and burner for you. Do some reading here in the Burners 101 section it's the most current, (up to date) If nothing else it'll give you a handle on the craft jargon so we don't have to ask what the heck you meant in your question. The "spinning disk" doesn't spin and isn't there to let air in." It's a choke plate to limit air intake. 

Unfortunately asking good questions requires a base of knowledge you don't have. What seems like a lot of info to you is largely meaningless regarding  burner performance. Let's take one term here. "Hot". What do you mean by hot? Habanero if incredibly HOT. If the living room gets to 80f I turn the stove down. If my forge only hits yellow I start trouble shooting to find out why it's not getting HOT.

Some of your mods probably are the problem. A propane forge and burner are a relatively high energy machine and stuffing refractory insulation in places just because you have it is a silly mistake.

Your last sentence on the other hand is nothing but BAD attitude. You're sorry to make us work? Fortunately for you we have plenty of experience with unsocialized kids who THINK they deserve to have us cater to them. Think about it, if you will. You ask US a favor and when told we need more info to answer it for you you get snarky sarcastic.

If course many more cracks and I'll do what I usually do with folks who annoy me.

Frosty The Lucky.

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