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Advice on ventilation

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I’m a complete beginner when it comes to this hobby, but I’m really keen to get on with it. I have a small forge thats probably around 50cm by 30cm and lots of space however ventilation is giving me some trouble. I have a big stable thats around 2/3 stories high but its only the one floor, and has large doors. Currently I have the forge set up near the stable doors however I've seen a lot of posts about ventilation and I worry that my set up might be terrible. The other alternative is to take it into a building next to the stable however I’m not sure if theres enough airflow there as the room isnt the biggest. (It does have a window and door that provide a straight line of airflow through the room. Any help would be appreciated, thanks:)

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Sorry haha, never used anything like this before. Im planning on using forge coke. The smaller area would be easy to ventilate with a hood over the forge however I’m not sure if theres a minimum space requirement or if that changes with open doors/windows etc.

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Welcome to IFI... Have you read this yet? It is full of tips like editing your profile to show your location. READ THIS FIRST 

You should be able to use the existing chimney, but pictures of what you are looking at would help with answers about whether a forge with super sucker hood could be adapted to it.

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