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Need help identifying a small, iron hammer with worn off makers mark.

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i've been using this tool for the last couple of years, it was found in my grandfathers things and is a fantastic little hammer and i've been trying to find out where it came from. It has been eating me inside though and i've done my own research, sadly though it's come up with nothing. Any leads or help would be nice. 


This is the full hammer.


The serial number on one half


And this is, sadly the worn off makers mark on the other half.

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IMHO, that is not a hammer, but a tamping tool for sand casting large foundry flasks. Probably made in the foundry, as many were.

The only large cast hammers that I have seen have been for crushing coal or driving wooden fence posts.

Is the hammer head cast onto a section of pipe, or is it all one piece? What is the profile of the head? More pics would help, and a ruler or other object for scale.

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Welcome aboard Jkersy, it may help to know where in the world you are located, hence the suggestion to edit your profile in this thread. READ THIS FIRST

There are other tips there like how to do a better search and trim the size of pictures so they don't take up so much data/bandwidth. We have members world wide and many have to rely on dial up internet or pay for bandwidth/data and large pictures are data hogs and take forever to load.

When you say small hammer, how much does it weigh?

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