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  1. that is an auto body post dolly also known as a wing ding dolly I have 3 of them from my fathers auto body shop he owned for 45 years . doug
  2. we buy a lot of 1018 in our business and they come in 10 ft not 20 ft
  3. jen , do you use that file sharpening service and are you happy with the service?
  4. jen we have a gen 3 like you describe 288 lb beautiful anvil but she has a 1/8 deep sway in the back .
  5. jen, when you say 3rd gen had a lower face height do you mean the height of the face to the top of the cut shelf?
  6. how about BLU we have a 540 lb blu and are very happy with it .
  7. Has anyone here have any experience with blu anvils ?
  8. im not 100 percent sure but I think its a trenton
  9. cgl those plates are leaf spring shackels probably off trailer springs.
  10. I grew up in closter nj 10 miles from the nys border way north of Holmdel
  11. hi tom powers where did you go to high school in nj so did I a long time ago .
  12. its not a rasp its a vixen file they were used for lead body filler before there was bondo fiberglass for auto body repair .
  13. I make quite a bunch of these for the scroll piece I use 1/4 diam 8 inches long and the pin I use 3/16 4 inches long . doug