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  1. dogblazer9598

    Hammer ID

    they were used by telephone linemen for some purpose . I have 2 of them and they are stamped BELL SYSTEMS. doug
  2. dogblazer9598

    Hammer identification

    its a tomahawk chipping hammer for welding .
  3. dogblazer9598

    What did you do in the shop today?

    C.J. was the starting mat stock on your copper leaves?
  4. dogblazer9598

    Picket jig for railings and gates

    Hi Dave , Railings and gates is a large majority of our shops work and we use a spray made by walthers that we buy by the gallon and put it in spray bottles .a fine mist around all the weld joints makes the cleanup of the little tiny spatter almost effortless they basically fall off . doug
  5. dogblazer9598

    anealing a hammer

    latticino I am going to join when I attend a meeting next month .
  6. dogblazer9598

    anealing a hammer

    thank you for your help it is much appreciated .i see your in upstate ny too .are you getting snow ? thank you doug
  7. dogblazer9598

    anealing a hammer

    appreciate the reply but I do have a dumb question .how do I find the critical temp ? pardon my ignorance but im very new to this . thank you doug
  8. dogblazer9598

    anealing a hammer

    it is for my guillotine tool which the fuller bar is just 1018 and am trying to slow the strike point down from mushrooming . thanks doug
  9. dogblazer9598

    anealing a hammer

    can anyone give me the proper procedure to anneal a store bought hammer to use on my fuller tool? thank you doug
  10. dogblazer9598

    Hay-Budden anvil a good deal?

    ok thank you for the definition . doug
  11. dogblazer9598

    Hay-Budden anvil a good deal?

    I might sound dumb but what does TPAAAT mean ?
  12. dogblazer9598

    It followed me home

    Those vice grips can also be used for round tube or pipe when joining with a butt joint .we use them a lot like that in our fab shop . doug
  13. dogblazer9598

    Should I buy this old anvil?

    that anvil looks just like one that's on craigslist in Albany n.y.
  14. dogblazer9598

    Holland Anvil Swage Block 1

    we got our Holland swage block the other day and want say very nice .great job guys . doug
  15. dogblazer9598

    Holland Anvil Swage Block 1

    how much do you think you will be selling the new block and mandrel for? doug