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  1. how about BLU we have a 540 lb blu and are very happy with it .
  2. Has anyone here have any experience with blu anvils ?
  3. im not 100 percent sure but I think its a trenton
  4. cgl those plates are leaf spring shackels probably off trailer springs.
  5. I grew up in closter nj 10 miles from the nys border way north of Holmdel
  6. hi tom powers where did you go to high school in nj so did I a long time ago .
  7. its not a rasp its a vixen file they were used for lead body filler before there was bondo fiberglass for auto body repair .
  8. I make quite a bunch of these for the scroll piece I use 1/4 diam 8 inches long and the pin I use 3/16 4 inches long . doug
  9. dogblazer9598

    Fulton vise?

    hi bret. fulton vise were made in Lowville ny which is about where we live .it is a very small farming community in lewis county ny .hard to think there was a vise manufacturer there .fulton is a good sized town about 40 miles from Lowville .prentice vises were made right here too in watertown ny 20 miles from Lowville. doug
  10. nice job mudman . what is the make of your anvil in the picture?
  11. Beautiful work .Thanks for sharing it with us.