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Info on anvil

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We bought this for $100 from our neighbor. It’s from his grandfather and fathers old barn from up in northern part of New England. I’m adding photos to see if anyone knows much about them. I really can’t make out manufacturer well but thought that y’all might be familiar with the few letters and know. Did we get a good deal and do you know of a date range they were made? Most anvils I thought had just flat end. What would this be used for? What is that triangle thing opposite end of cone end? I’ve edited several hoping the name, for one, is more legible. Yes, the tape is a bit off but you hopefully get the size close enough. I can honestly say it’s one of the heaviest things I’ve ever come across. I couldn’t tip it sideways so tipped on cone end to get a photo of the other end. Any questions I can answer for you about this please ask.  I appreciate any info you can share. 1







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You have a Peter Wright anvil weight should be around 162 lbs. The "triangle thing" is called a hot cut hardie tool and should be able to be removed. As for an age the book anvils in America could tell you a rough date. It can be found at the library. If your local library doesn't have it they can get it on loan from another library.

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