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Cable Damascus


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When I weld cable I just stick the tip in the fire and get it red then flux it with 20 mule team borax. Heat it till it is orange and tighten the end on the step of the anvil (this way each blow is hitting on three sides). Once you have removed the air space re-heat but this time heat it till it is the same color as the hottest part of the fire, if you get a few sparks wait till they stop flying then forge the tip solid. Once it is welded stick the tip in the vice twist to open the cable re-flux, tighten back up, and repeat till you get enough cable to work with. Remember to tighten first at an orange heat to get the airspace out then heat to yellow and weld. That is exactly how this knife was made.

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I have found when welding, us a small hammer and a rapid motion as you turn the cable making a round solid rod. This is how i use my hammer and have found it works better then making a billet right away. I also like to heat to welding temps to form into a billet to insure good welds.
Hope this helps
Eric Knight

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