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First post here...


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I've been reading for a while now and have been learning alot from the wealth of experience and knowledge here. I figured I ought to join up and introduce myself. I'm 31, from Louisiana, and haven't played blacksmith since I was about 8 years old with a claw hammer and a piece of rr track. I made my first (and last) "knife" from an old nail and wrapped intertube for a handle. It was quite crude of course but I wish I still had it, unfortunately I dropped it in the bayou about a week later.:o Fast forward a few years and I took up arc welding as a hobby and still enjoy that today. But I've always wanted to learn how to forge, so thats why I'm here.:)

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Welcome, if you want to learn about blacksmithing then you came to the right place.
If you've been reading for a while then you probably already know this but we love pictures, so as you aquire stuff and get started show us what you got and how your making out + it's easier for us to help you solve problems if we can see it.


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Spot on with my occupation! Most people don't decipher that. :) I've been doing paintless dent repair since I got out of high school, so I work with sheet metal every day. I don't get to swing my hammer hard enough at my day job though!:D
Thanks for the warm welcome guys. Speaking of pictures and problems, If you will see my thread in the blacksmithin forum " An anvil, maybe".
Again, thanks for the help.

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