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Greetings from a newcomer in the UK


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Hi all,


Greetings from Luton in the UK. I'm a long time tinkerer and dabbler in all things DIY and practical and looking to learn a bit about smithing in my retirement. I'm mostly interested in manufacturing small items such as hooks, planters and so on for the garden. I'm lucky enough to have a reasonable sized garage and workshop, which I'm going to reconfigure to include a small forge area, and I already have a couple of very small anvils I've had for some time, a John Brooks 16kg (London Pattern), and a Record number 15 which seems very soft and doesn't appear to take much of a beating.  

My only experiences with hot  metal to date is with small scale repairs and reworking of forged items that I have heated with a propane torch. Other than that I am an absolute  beginner and probably dangerous to be around :)

I have just purchased another larger anvil from an auction site - unseen except photos so hopefully it isn't a lemon, I don't think so, I will collect it next week.

I'm not sure what it is, but it has 2-2-7 stamped in one side, and it looks like "Warranted" 76 stamped in the other (any thoughts from knowledgeable people about what it is very gratefully received).

All the best and happy hammering.





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