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I Forge Iron

Oct 25-27, 2019 Swaptoberfest III

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Three Demonstrators


Arnon Kartmazov, Patrick Maher and Alan Flashing!




Masquerade Metallique Metal Mask Contest third year!!! Make Your Mask!!

Forge Your Own Mess Kit Contest

The basic premise is that everyone would make their own “mess kit” this will be judged in 3 (at this point) categories, and will be peoples’ choice. In other words, if you don’t submit an entry, you don’t get to vote. There will be at least these following categories: If you submit in ANY category, you may vote on all three.

1. Best complete kit- Knife, fork, spoon, plate- (or bowl).
2. Best spork
3. Best flatware set- knife, fork, spoon. (in case individuals don’t have the time or inclination to make the full set)

Much of the drive for this event, which I suppose should be emphasized, is that in addition to these all being fun, tangible pieces that even a person with absolutely basic forging skills can make, it is also a great way to reduce garbage. We are trying to reduce waste.

Masquerade Forging Contests! Evening live action forging contest in costume, bring your finest get-up.

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