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Hello everyone. Has anyone ever heard of a book called "Ed Fowler's Knife Talk, The Art & Science Of Knifemaking"? I've happened upon this book for free and picked it up. I've skimmed it and it seems a reliable resource so I was just wondering if anyone had came across this book as well and what your thoughts are on it. Thanks in advance for any input I haven't delved into the book just yet. I'll post a pic of it once I get somewhere with better service.

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Thank you. I had been wondering for awhile it seems pretty good I have skimmed it a few times to reference some things I have read on the internet as a cross reference to different things. I was actually beginning to think I was the only person on here that had a copy of this book.

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Your welcome..      It's a great book an the author looks at a very practical way of knife handling and what ideally should be in a knife to make it functional and useful..  publish date is 1998.

But when we start to look at heat treatment and such there are better books out there if you want to know why it works or how it happens..   there are a bunch listed in resources I believe.  I posted a whole bunch of them awhile back. 

I'd do a cover to cover read a few times..  The segment on one of the knife makers towards the back was interesting. the one about the guy who was on ripleys. 

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