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I Forge Iron

first forge, gas burner style


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So I thought I would make a post showing the forge that I just got set up.  It's a simple single burner propane forge using a tee burner.  I followed frosty's directions for the tee burner except for using a mig tip and threaded coupler for the fuel inlet.  I found a orifice for a turkey fryer that has the same size hole and threads in one part.  It seems to do the trick, but I can't say that with 100% certainty since I have nothing to compare to.  The forge insulation is 2" Duraboard HD, coated with Unifrax rigidizer and then coated with Metrikote.  Got it fired up this evening and took some pictures of it.  The internal forge volume is 6 x 6 x 9 = 324 cu inches.  I was a bit unsure about the Metrikote coating.  I mixed 2 parts water with 1 part Metrikote, stirred and stirred and stirred, and applied this to the Duraboard.  It's dried a couple days and I reassembled the forge and ran it for a few minutes.  The part I wasn't sure about is that the Metrikote slurry would separate out into powder and water pretty quickly.  The pictures below are:

1. Forge put together, duraboard is coated in rigidizer

2. Inside forge

3. Forge running at 7 psi ( couldn't remember about where this should run.  It sounded ok so I just left it here)

4. Forge running at 7 psi

5. Forge cooling down

I have a video of it running too with sound.  You can access it at:


In the last picture, it looks like the coating has cracks in it.  I'm not surprised by this too much.  Maybe it needs a more controlled burn-in cycle for the coating?  I just ran it for about 5 minutes.  Long enough to heat up and heat up a small steel rod.  The Duraboard is pretty nice to work with as long as you handle it gently.  Had a bunch of scrap Duraboard and some other high temp structural insulation from work, so I could probably build 2-3 more forges.

Now I have to figure out a stand for it and get a longer propane hose.  Oh, and I need an anvil too...







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I'd just use it till it starts flaking off. You can try going over it with a thin coat and perhaps it will "cement" it together. Butter it first, spraying it with water will prevent it from flash drying on contact and allow the matrikote to bond and set properly.

Frosty The Lucky.

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