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kast o lite 30 curing

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I’m wondering if there are any full length videos of the curing process for kast o lite 30 as I want to re-coat my forge with it . I have ten lbs and I’m hearing and reading so many different ways from let it sit at ambient for a couple weeks before firing to curing the next day! I have limited ability to track or slowly raise temperature as the instructions state and do not want to waste any refractory if it’s avoidable. I’m in New England and it’s humid! Please help I can follow concise instructions if they do not include temp tracking and special equipment! 

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Good, Lou did a good job of selecting the meat from the opinion storm that usually rages here. 

The thing to remember is you do NOT need max strength from a Kastolite flame face. Trowel it on to your desired thickness. Don't worry about the water content too much, you need it a little wetter than ideal to be able to spread it with a trowel, its NOT a big deal. We don't need "Kastolite MAX"  anything. You'll know when it starts setting up, it'll get harder and harder to work, do your final smoothing quickly. Let it set and wrap it in a plastic bag with a wet towel and leave it over night. You CAN leave it in the bag for a week for the full cure time but that's not necessary. Overnight is plenty good enough.

Kastolite does NOT DRY! It sets like concrete does by absorbing water and forming chemical bonds, so it NEEDS 100% humidity as it cures in the bag. You don't even need to let it set completely to bag it with something sopping wet. It's good.

Fire it the first time just to red heat or less,  hold it there for a while, say half an hour. If you can't hold it, let it cool. The next day it should be good to go to work. 

I know there are some pretty involved curing procedures out there and guys are applying them to Kastolite but it's not necessary: mix, work, set, cure overnight, low fire one time, put it to work.

Frosty The Lucky.

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