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Can Someone Recommend...

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...a good book concerning Russia / Poland during the Medieval (or slightly pre- / post-) period? I'm looking at re-enacting in the future, and for those of you who couldn't tell *cough* my interest lies in Russia. Unfortunately, I can seem to find any number of books on West-European countries, but as one goes east, the information seems to dry up.

Now, because I'm asking, I'm sure that one of you will do a five-second search and find something, making me look like a lazy prat who won't look for himself. :mad: That's my luck, anyway. ;)

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If you had only asked 2 weeks ago... sigh....

Wife and I did SCA for many years, Russian and Lithuanian respectively, and just sold a number of our books to a book store here in Chattanooga. You may wish to contact them directly (even though a few have already been sold....)

A Novel Idea Book Store
38 Frazier Ave
Chattanooga, TN 37405
(423) 265-1700

The rest went to McKay's...

Mckay Books Home

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