Last Christmas Damascus and other novelties

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I've been so busy since last year with new job and other experiments that I didnt took take time posting anything so here it goes...

In September 2018 i went to a cutlery expo in Caldas da Rainha, bought a billet of pattern welded steel from Russian knifemaker Kirilov.

 Forged into shape, handle of brazil wood, cherry wood and mosaic pins. It's a joy working with damascus, it was easy to heat treat and the blade is quite hard and though.

 Secound one is forged spring steel, chery wood, pine, mosaic and alluminium pins. Made it for choping and wood working.

 Third one is a choper from file steel, dual temper and S file work . Alluminum guard, brazil wood, leather spacer and oak.

 That small thing with teeth is a broach for hidden tangs, 4mm thick at the end by 12cm long. A very usefull tool I should've made years ago.

Tell me what you think..





















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There are a couple of things that are good and a few that are not so good.

The Damascus knife came out very well, but why did You made that crude notch?....supposed to be a good hook?...or a false edge?

The file work with the checkering file back ground is a nice, creative  idea, but it should be done before hardening.

Torturing the blade with a gas flame is always a subject of discussion but never good for the blade.

And there are some heavy grooves in the belly of the grip.....they look that You have started doing them but then....?

Even little details need some planning and preparation.....not limiting creativity but controlling the fire of passion.

Remember, less can be more.

Thats a bit of what I think.





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Not a false edge but sharp on both ends. I dont really plan just go with the tide.

File work is all needle files, always before ht and the small grooves are traces of the old file.  I tempered the blade for two hours at ~210 Cº as usual and then I submerge the edge in water for the final temper with the torch , no harm is done and blade is stronger.

The purpose of the grooves is to aid grip nothing more, the polished varnish is a bit slippery when wet .




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