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Canedy Otto rivet forge


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I bought this forge a couple of years ago. It came with a 4 legged cast iron pan. I think it also was Canedy Otto. Anyhow, I separated the two and will probably get two forges going and sell one of them, most likely the cast iron one. I needed a nice portable coal forge. This one breaks down. The legs come off and the blower removes with wing nuts (that looks wrong, “winged nuts”?). Here’s some pictures.




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I got the refractory installed. It was a father/daughter event on the kitchen island. She’s near expert on making slime with Elmer’s glue and    Borax (20 mule team, can you believe it?). I asked her if she wanted to help her dad make some slime. She was all excited, ready to help mix, place, and smooth it out. We pulled the duck’s nest and wrapped it with plastic. We cut a cereal box for a cardboard ring and taped to it. We taped it from the bottom edge upward. I wanted refractory to get in under the bottom of duck’s nest, as much as possible. We placed it in and leveled it. It’s about 3/4” thick I suppose. I did not want to go too thick, because it’s very heavy stuff and the rivet forge is by definition “portable”. Anyway, that was 8 days ago during our biggest snowfall this winter. It’s still in the house drying. My wife loves me or tolerates me anyway. I removed the ducks nest, removed the plastic and cardboard, and reinstalled it. I’m hoping it’ll stay indoors for a total of two weeks to be good and dry. Because of the weather, it’ll probably be a couple of months or more before first firing. Here’s a couple of pictures.



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