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I Forge Iron

How I forge a leaf

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I had the camera out the other day to take pictures of the new set up on one of my coal forges and decided it would be a good opportunity to take some short video clips. I remember that someone (I can not recall who) had posted a question on how to forge a leaf, so I decided to record a 4 video series of the steps that I follow to make a leaf out of 3/4 inch mild steel square stock. I use a 155 pound air hammer to draw the point and the stem, but one can accomplish the same task with a hand hammer if they are determined enough (though it is quite a bit easier if you use 1/2 inch square if you go at it by hand). After the first 2 steps (the drawing to a point and drawing out the stem) I do the rest with a hand hammer. I know that it's not the way most people forge leaves but this is my technique.

forging a leaf - Blacksmith Photo Gallery

Forging a leaf part 2 - Blacksmith Photo Gallery

Forging a leaf part 3 - Blacksmith Photo Gallery

forging a leaf part 4 - Blacksmith Photo Gallery

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Before looking at those videos, I was not too keen about using some sort of power hammer, mainly because of the noise level; now I know why I NEED one: it took so little time to do the rough work while the fancy thing is left to hand work. What's the brand of your's, Jose, it really doesn't sound too harsh on the eardrums!

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nice man your really good at that....
here are my first leaves ever..
i want to make a candel holder made from a vine up to the candel.... i need to get a little beter but im about to go out to the forge anyway to practise



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Looking good! Keep it up. The only way to get it is to stay after it until you catch it! I have forged buckets full of leaves and let me tell you, the ones at the bottom of the bucket didn't look half as good as your efforts. I still start almost every day of forging with making a leaf to warm up and get my brain in the right place. Then I throw it in the pile and use it later (when things are slow) for an accent on something, or to make a keychain, bottle opener, incense burner, buisness card holder, pen holder, wall hook, handles for cabinets..... you get the point. use your imagination, be safe, and have fun

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