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Electrical Steel coating

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Although this might be the wrong tag I could only think to place this here.  I have taken apart a microwave oven and am going to try to forge weld part of the transformer together as practice because it is so nicely prepared for me.  I know for a fact that the transformer is coated in some sort of resin designed to mitigate heat or electrical shorts.  Does anyone have extra info regarding this coating and whether it is safe to cook it off? As of now I cannot find valid information confirming what the coating is, any help is appreciated. Cheers!

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The iron foil is pretty pure iron. The coating is an impregnating paint used to be lacquer, maybe varnish I think. The modern stuff is an impregnating epoxy. I picked that tidbit up trying to find a source for Cactus Juice or a suitable replacement to stabilize wood for knife handles.

Before you take ANY action on that, bear in  mind it comes from the memory of a TBI survivor, if I needed to know I'd ask a motor rebuilder like Hayden Electric  or the generator rebuilders in Anchorage.

Frosty The Lucky.

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