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Cuttings​ and unfolding ideas (pic heavy)

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I haven't been able to make it to the shop lately, but my nephew came over and I pulled out the modeling clay. Here are a few variants I can see to the "cut and unfold" style that we associate with the Frederics cross (pic heavy, but I got them as small as I could on data)

I'll start with a variant on the cross that I made into an ankh, i made the cuts almost all the way through so that shaping the head would be easier.5b25b4eea39c9_IMG_20180616_1728535582.thumb.jpg.2222e6cdad9be1c47a7d8e1db6780721.jpg


Then I tried 2 cuts on each side


and got this


3 cuts...



I did an x cut and a # cut too, but the clay wouldn't hold well enough to hold it's form. The x cut gave me a 8 point star and I can see the # cut will be really cool, before it fell apart it was similar, but much more intricate than the 2 cut version.

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