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Brand recommendation for oxyacetylene welding outfit

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I taught myself to torch weld. I was working on race car chassis and did not have much power besides a light bulb or two in my garage. Fact is, I got quite good at it. I learned with conventional torches. Then I bought a Dillon. A Dillon/Henrob/ Cobra does all that is claimed. Some conventionals will do most of it as well. But, not all conventional torches mix gases as well at low pressure. They will struggle maintaining neutral flame. I truly believe that the Dillon is better for me as a weldor. But my conventional torches are always ready to go as well.The Dillon just whistled a tune from .083 4130 to 1/4-3/8 plate with no more than change of tip size( and very small flow changes to accomodate Bernouli effect). Expensive, yes- but worth every penny.Ultimately I got power upgraded and had a big water-cooled tig and a metal cutting bandsaw- so I did not cut much with it- when I did, it gave better results, but I have never been that good at torch cutting.mike

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