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Los Angeles Based Beginner.


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Hello all,

I stumbled onto the treasure trove of knowledge that is this site so I had to sign up. My name is Adam and I am based out of Los Angeles California. I'm an Army Infantry veteran that moved out to California around the end of 2016 and decided when I got to California I was going to FINALLY learn how to blacksmith. I aimed big and reached out to Tony Swatton at Stone and the Stone, from the original Man at Arms,series on Youtube, to see if they offered any sort of apprenticeship. He responded that they didn't but highly recommended a blacksmith school called Adams Forge out in Glendale. I was in a class a week later putting hammer to steel and making a nice little barn hook, and (no pun intended) I was hooked. I am in the process of getting Level 1 certified with the California Blacksmith Association, sadly my job prevents me from getting as much time at the forge as I would like since the "open forge" times are very limited. 

As far as what I like to make, I've made everything from corkscrews, to knifes, to a railroad spike tomahawk, to a few tools. I've designed a lot more than I've had the chance to make. I love learning more and more about the craft and just being able to work with my hands. Nothing relieves the stress of work for me more seeing a piece of stock steel slowly shape into something I've imagined. 

I'm currently trying to find a space to make my own little workshop out of so that I don't have to rely on the scheduled times of the fantastic forge that I have been working out of. Not a cheap or easy task out in LA, but the search continues! 

I look forward to learning from you all and growing as a blacksmith.



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Welcome to the addiction, as a farrier and blacksmith I am used to forging out of a truck, so even my shop forge is rather basic, infact Saturday I took my new demo forge out for a test drive. I have less than $20 in the forge and could come up with the rest of the kit for probbably $40 more.

look at the JABOD forges for inspiration as well as the improvised anvil threads.  

This gives you a portable kit you can set up and tear down rather quickly


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