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I Forge Iron

Scott Taylor Memorial Scholarship Knife for 2008

Chuck Richards

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For any going to blade Here is one.
Here is the knife I will be donating to the 2008 Scott Taylor Memorial Scholarship this year. It will be Auctioned off during the ABS auction at Blade. All funds earned from this effort are donated to the W.F. Moran school of Bladesmithing. 2 scholarships are available each year. One for the Basic Bladesmithing course and one for Handles and guards.

Knife Stats

Blade 10.875" of 350 layer 1084-15n20 raindrop pattern Damascus. A coin edge heat colored titanium seppa sets off the wrought iron guard. The spacer and butt cap are made of the same 300 layer material as the blade and frame the black dyed and stabilized figured maple handle.

Thanks for looking


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Hey Chuck,

Looks fantastic! I hope to get to the Blade Show someday and meet you and your work. You never know, with a little luck it might could happen. Just as, with a little luck I might make it to Texarkana for a blade making class.

Thanks for your generosity!!!!


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Greetings All;
I am a devotee and fan of the dying art of Blacksmith/Metal Craft. My dear friend, The late, Great Scott Taylor made many pieces of cutlery, jewelry & classic pieces for me.
I just want to keep abreast of this exquisite Art Form and pay all of you kudo's & accolades for your passion & dedication.

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