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Makita chop saw combo

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Last fall Lowe down box stores had a Makita chop saw and 4 1/2"  7 amp grinder combo marked down from $199 to $149.  Being frugal as I am,  thought to wait till the close out sale.  I have 3 of said stores within my normal travels.  One store had only one the other two had 5.  Checked on the one and it was gone, store guy said they did reduce it for clearance a week back and went quick.  Went by another store and was told they too clearance priced them and one guy bought them all.  Stopped by the last store and they still had all five units along with the $149 price.  I talked to a store guy and ran down the story of the other two stores and then we began to haggle.  I realized I had the upper hand in this negotiation being they were closing out other tools for new incoming stock.  So I got the deal closed for $100 .  My old dewalt flapper grinder is on its last leg along with the cheapo 25 year old chop saw .  The Makita grinder also too has the flapper switch which I prefer. 

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