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Local Supplies in Louisiana

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Does anyone know of a retailer selling foundry supplies within 200 miles of Central Louisiana. I am looking for castable refractory material and the freight charges are much too high. If I can't find a local source I might have to make my own.

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Try a local heating and or furnace supplier. If the outfit sells "casting or foundry" supplies it'll cost quite a bit more where if you buy it from the furnace repair supplier you can get the exact same stuff in larger quantities for much less.

As an example, the closest thing we have in these parts to a casting supply is the ceramics supplier where I can buy 1" 8 oz. Kaowool for $4.75 sq/ft last time I checked about 5 years ago. At the same time E.J. Bartell was selling the same thing for $1.50 sq/ft. and if you are a friendly sort they'll give you the scraps from their shop.

That's my experience anyway.


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