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First Tong Attempt


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This first set is a pair of nippers I repurposed for 3/8 round stock. After using them a bit I think ill try to make a pair of scrolling tongs next. 3/8 is a little unwieldy.



This pair I made from some tongs given to me when I first started. Initially they held 3/8, but I want to bring them up to 1/2in stock for future tong making. 


Any help to further my progress is appreciated. I was glad to have a day to just forge away, as these project took just about 3 or so hours. I am happy to report that with the techniques I learned here, I have little fatigue at this time, but we'll see what tomorrow brings.   

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Hello.  Congrats on getting done what you did..   Few things about tongs which are important.. Which as you progress will become less important but for the beginning phase of your journey you might want to look at making the handles/reins straight with no wobble to them..  

The jaws for straight tongs or bolt tongs when holding stock will line up with the jaws and then the handles in a straight line..  This will help with making the metal being worked on the anvil from squiggling around as you rotate the tongs.. 

There are ton's of videos on making tongs ( I just posted 2 new "How To's" ones) and if you look at examples of tongs and refine your designs to the basic shapes it will pay off in the long run.. 

Nice job overall.. Could just use a little refining.. 


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