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It Diid NOT follow me home

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I'm getting all the items rounded up to try my hand at blacksmithing. I'll be using an old Fisher Anvil that my Grandad had. I just learned today that when my grandfather died my father was cleaning out his garage before the house sold. My dad grabbed the Anvil and lots of carpentry and woodworking tools however my dad had no idea what Hardy tools were and left them all. Also he left tons of tongs.

 At least I have an anvil.... and maybe whoever bought my grandad's old house put those Hardy tools and tongs to good use

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Good idea Thomas, but this was about 15 years ago and I'd have to drive about 6 hours North.. in the hopes that it's even the same owners let alone they still have the tools

. However might be a fun trip to head back up there. Haven't been up there for 10 years or more

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Could be worth a post card or letter as well. People may be more apt to let you if you let them respond on their own time rather than a knock on the front door! 

15 year old ANYTHING would be considered new in my grandpa's shop. Maybe if you're lucky they just piled junk and never cleaned it out. 

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