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I wanted to pop in to say hello and introduce myself.  I've wanted to get into blacksmithing since I was a teenager. Back then though I didn't have much money and no matter how much I might have tried I had no idea how to even get started if I did have the money.

Here it is twenty-something years later and I still haven't even got started. With a little luck I hope that is about to change. Thankfully now it seems that blacksmithing has become quite a popular pastime/hobby. Also thanks to the internet there is now a whole wealth of info to help a guy get started, especially on a tight budget. I make a little more money these days but now I'm supporting a family. Funny how life likes to balance those things out.

So I'll probably be popping in here quite a bit digging through posts looking for info. And I promise to try not to ask to many newbie questions, especially ones that have already been answered half a dozen times. And I just want to say thank you to all of you that have been here donating your time making these forums what they are. It's a great site.

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Welcome aboard Dustin. 

We have the right info on here for blacksmithing on a tight budget. Check out the JABOD (just a box of dirt forge) threads, and the improvised anvil threads to get you going in the right direction on getting started with little cash involved. Don't forget the safety threads. 

It's not really the money that holds us back but the lack of knowledge. I was there too. 


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