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Here's a picture of the cart I bought from HF and how I've set it up to roll in and out of my garage.  So far it's worked really well.  The bricks are high temperature kiln bricks I picked up from someone who was using them for lawn and landscaping.  I paid 40 cents a piece for them and they are way more durable than the white bricks.  I wanted to build this thing so that I had a nice cooling area to place tools and hot metal.  A happy accident is that when I want to allow something to cool slowly I can put it right under the forge.  The only complaint I have is that it's a bit low, but the cart won't take the weight of anymore bricks without building some sort of support under it.   This is just a temporary thing until I build a proper blacksmith shop.



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Thomas Powers.  You are right, I only use the handle as a rack for the hammers when I store it.  When in use I don't have any hammers there because of the dragon's breath and I don't like hot tool either.  I realized that the first time I used this operation.  I may try rotating the forge at some point to see if I like it, but right now my work flows pretty well.  I can also slide a pair of long tongs onto the cart handle to act as a support for long pieces that I may be working with.  

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I have an old "RR Forge" that had  two lugs to bolt the end of the legs of a  |__|  rod to the side. In the middle of that rod was a swinging dependent  leg so that it would hang against the side of the forge till needed and then you could pull it out and set the leg in place when needed for a third hand.  Probably take you a good hour to make one like that for your forge and be able to flip the opening around and still have a third hand when needed.

On my propane forge I welded a piece of sq tubing to the side and have an L shaped piece of 1/2" that will slide in and out to hold moderate stock---the shell was O2 welding tank and so heavy enough for welding and will hold a bit of weight. In fact I added one to each side so I could use one on the front and when I had the back opened up for long piece heating one for the back.  Here's a pic of the one on the back pulled out a little:



For really long pieces I have a moveable stand...

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Thomas Powers  You almost had me convinced to turn that forge the other way until I thought about where my 100 pounder is located and the hose situation.  I like it well away from the dragon's breath.  

I like the simple design of that leg swinging around.  Hmmmm, the gears are starting to turn already.  It looks like it pulls out to adjust the length.  I love that idea because it's just simple and it works.  Thanks for posting that picture.


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