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I have a oxygen unit or cutting torch when someone else use torch unit they don't shut off the knobs by the regulators but they shut off by the torch units I know you are suppose to shut off the valves by the regulators but it drains both tanks is there possible a problem with the torch.

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this go's for anyone that use any type of gas AC/OX-Propane-Argon-CO2 or whatever
soap test for safety & cost of leaks from one end to the next end that mean's ALL fitting &
hoses & regulators also the tank valve and seal I can't tell you how many bad leaking tank
valve's I have turned back to the supplyer just take's a scrach in the brass seal and you
lose $ or is un-safe SO CK IT !! I do & every tank change and ck all hose's @ lest twice a
year or more :)

PS--this info come's from a full time weld/smith shop Be safe

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