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Saved History From The Scrapper!

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A nice piece of American Industrial History.   Around 400 pounds of copper and iron laminations.   Found it in our local classifieds in the newspaper:  The ad said "SureWeld welder $20."  I thought it was one of the little yellow SureWeld buzz boxes and headed off to buy it for my nephew, whom is learning welding.  I already had a DC machine, a big AC machine, and a TIG unit.   

So I got there and saw this beast:   Could not get it into the truck.   Back to my shop for the ramp and two helpers.   We barely got it up the ramp and in the bed of the truck.

Darn thing works too, welds nicely for an AC machine.   I m guessing it was made between WWI and WWII.

When I lifted the top cover to blow out the rats nests I noticed three huge capacitors.   Must be for arc stabilization during the AC swing.

Next project is to remove the covers, a little body & fender work, sandblast and paint a proper welding machine color:  Red.   And polish up the brass name plates.  And a new amperage indicator.

Marketed by national Cylinder Gas, sadly no longer in business.   Some of the gents on another welding forum say it was made by Miller.

Oh, that stainless steel 5 gallon beer keg in one of the photos?    Future vertical quench tank for blades.





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