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Question about curing satanite


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I understand that people generally cure satanite in their forges first by letting it air dry for a few hours, followed by cycles of firing the forge. My question is around that initial air dry.

I'd like to put the forge together this winter. It'll be a standard wool + satanite + ITC-100 combination on the inside. However winters up here can get pretty cold, and this winter especially it's supposed to be a real whopper. There's no kind of heating where I'll be doing the forge (my garage). Given that it's likely going to remain below the freezing point for most of the winter, that air dry step won't be possible. Has anyone else had success skipping the air dry and immediately starting the firing cycles? Or have you found that air dry step to be essential? If it makes a difference, I suppose I'll be waiting for the spring to finish the forge.

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Good Morning, Surg

Plug a light bulb/trouble light inside, Don't let the bulb rest on the floor. Don't block the ends completely, allow some air movement but keep the wind out (allows the warmth to stay in the firebox). Mother Nature will work her miracles.

Welcome aboard,


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Thanks for the light bulb tip! I'd have never thought of that. I'll have to go dig out one of those old incandescent, hah.

Also thanks for the tip on Plastix! Spending a lot less money to get something better is the best feeling in the world.

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