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Old "Belt" Grinder Questions

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Hey Y'all,

I "found" an old grinder/polisher the other day. Think it might have been used for lapidary work, or some such, as it has a hook up for a water drip. It also has a large leather buffing wheel on the side. It's all pretty decrepit, but salvage-able. The drive wheel is 3" wide and 7.75" diameter. It is also a contact wheel, but the rubber is missing. The tension/tracking wheel is 4" across.

So, anyone know where I can get 3"x42" belts (not Sears, Ace, Home Depot or Wood Crafters) and contact rubber for the 3" by 8" (almost) wheel?

If you have any other thoughts, after seeing the pix, please share them.

Thanks, Phil





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I love old machinery. That thing rocks!

You might try using a section of tire inner tube cut to the width of the contact wheel or slightly wider to allow for narrowing when it is stretched over the wheel. Maybe contact cement to hold it in place on the wheel, once you do a dry run for fit. Trim any excess with a razor blade when dry.

Just a suggestion, don't know how long it would last, but I would think it would work if the rubber is thick enough.

Looks like belts are still available at that site markb posted.

Post some pics when you get it back in operation.

-aaron c.

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