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need help making a letter stamp

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i make stamps up using a set of reverse letter stamps, the result leaves the letters in relief if you cut the stamp down after you have put your marks on it makes it easier ,keep triying it out on a peice of leather till you get it as you want then harden it of ,to use get the job to a full red wire brush and i use a fly press to push it in ,

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Lets see 1/4" letters would be about 3.5 " long---a pretty long stamp and you would need a lot of force to do it all at once. You could get a bunch of small leter stamps and make a holder to hold them all together but you will need something like a flypress to get a clean impression.

The cheapest fastest way is to *buy* a professionally made stamp, take less time to make the money doing odd jobs and buying it than to spend the time trying to cut a complicated stamp with no background in the craft.


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