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I Forge Iron

Greetings from Westmont, Il

Craig Hebrlee

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My name is Craig Hebrlee. I am new to this forum and to blacksmithing. I am in the process of setting up my workspace, and will be reading past posts for tips. What an amazing resource for a newbie like myself! I look forward to working some metal. I don't have an anvil reference book, so I am hoping I can get some help in dating my  112 # Hay Budden. Thanks again...




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Welcome aboard Craig, glad to have you.

SWEET anvil you have there! It's in outstanding condition, have you given it a rebound test? You MIGHT want to radius an edge or two so you can set shoulders without a sharp inner corner but you can make a bottom tool for that if you don't want to grind on that beautiful lady.

It's a great size too, 112lbs. is heavy enough to do serious work on but light enough to move around without killing your back. 

Sorry, I'm no help with the age but I'm not the guy to ask for dating advice anyway I was always too geeky to attract dates. :rolleyes:

Frosty The Lucky.

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Thanks Frosty...My dad was given the anvil. He had it shipped to Chicago from Frenchville Maine. I am lucky that my first one is a Hay Budden. I have a standing vice from the early 1900's and a few hammers and some chisels. I am looking at some small propane forges for knives, hammers and axes. Guess you have to start somewhere right!

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