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I Forge Iron

Hello From SE Virginia

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Just wanted to take a few to introduce myself.  I am a retired Navy Vet that like to mettle in a little bit of everything and making things from metal is the latest endeavor.  I just built my forge, have the burner but need to install it. Funds and time are in short supply for me for the next few months but will do what I can when I can.  I have a small shed that houses all my gear including the wood carving station, archery tuning press, arrow making station, pipe bender band saw, vice etc.  Would love to get into making knives and stuff but right now just want to mash some metal and see what happens.  Can't wait to see how many times I can burn myself in the process. LOL!!  if any one in the area is new as well and want to chat or mash some metal then let me know.  


Glad to be here and look forward to the discussions.



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Look for a local ABANA affiliate; seeing what works and getting face to face help speeds up things massively!

Also we suggest editing your profile to list a general location, Southeast VA would do fine, as we won't remember it next time you ask something and it seems like *most* smithing questions have a location aspect to them.

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