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need help identifying this anvil

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Hello everyone, my name is Rodrigo. 

I am new to this site, I am looking to buy my first anvil and would appreciate if you guys could help me identifying this one and know if its a good one, the sound is very beautiful. These are the only pictures I have. it is a 55 kilos

pre thanks guys.






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If you know that the rebound is good you don't need to ask us; you already know what a good anvil should be like.  This is why we like the ball bearing test.  We've had folks tell us the rebound was "good" only to find out when they measured that it was *poor*; but they didn't have the experience to know that.

Clear ring means not cast iron. GOOD, now to determine if the face has been properly hardened.  Ball bearing test!  (If you can not do the ball bearing test; hit it with the edge of the hammer on the face and see if it dents easy---bad; but still better than a cast iron ASO! Then it comes down to price)  

Are there any markings on the top of the front feet under the horn?  

Anyway: good clear ring and the chipping on the edges should indicate a good anvil: the clear ring indicates steel or wrought iron/steel and the chipping indicates it was hardened enough to chip rather than dent/mushroom.  Back to price. How much per pound?  (weigh on a bathroom scale)

I've seen a number of anvils that were cast in Mexico using old Peter Wrights to make the molds and then at the end of the day the foundry casts whatever is left in the ladle in the anvil molds---some are good anvil alloys, a lot are not; but they are not cleaned up and heat treated like a good anvil would be. This is not one of those---the handling holes and pritchel are usually missing on them. (Not to mention often having the mold line go straight down the middle of the face.)

Where on the border? I work in Juarez and live in New Mexico. We could get together and forge!  (If you are selling I also buy equipment for my students)

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Thank you for the info Thomas, I know very little about this, but yes.. I can tell it is a good anvil. But I will like to know the brand and date of manufacture maybe. the weight on the bathroom scale its 121 lb. and the price per pound its 2.80 dollars. this would be my first anvil, i just have a piece of rail right now.

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