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Armitage Mouse Hole Anvil

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I (woodworker) am not a blacksmith, nor do I do iron work, but my young nephew has just gotten into forging.... I made his small forge.   I have an old anvil that I simply bang on... a little metal work. 

I see this anvil on Craigslist. Mod Note: link removed    Seems to be an old anvil.    Surface appears rusted, but flat/smooth, no major issues.   To you, does it appear  to be in good shape?   I thought to get it for my nephew, but a little leery of the price.   Seems $3/lb is about reasonable for an anvil in good/great shape.


Thanks for any advice.


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A lot of Mouse Hole anvils popping up on here recently.  A little rust is nothing.  Check out my MH anvil I just brought back to life. Appears to be a similar size to mine as well.  As for age, it appears to be pre 1830.  I picked mine up for $250.  What are they asking for this?


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