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Chemical attack kit


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I recently came across some Romanian Army chemical kits that are used by soldiers to wash and neutralize toxic stuff from th enemy .. .in case of a chemical attack.

The kit consists of 2 small vials, 3 small bottles filled with a sweet smelling pink liquid and several cotton balls.

Can anyone please tell me maybe what those chemicals are and if they are toxic to humans or animals?

and how to dispose of them safely.

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put it in a steel box and weld it shut. now cast in cement and set a sculpture on it. (As big as you want) no clue whats in your kit but dont spill it on your self... the US uses Adrenaline and something called Salofine last time i checked. Adrenaline is a hormone but Salofine is an aggresive steriod witch can induce extreme vomiting and heartattack in the elderly in rare cases.

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