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Good Afternoon Guy's

I have just made my first foundry from a used helium tank.  I would like to know the best way to line it before I can start using it. I have seen a product called "Grog" which appears to be crushed fire bricks, my question is how do I use it ?

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If you don't know how to line a foundry, why are you asking how to use a specific product?

Without knowing what you intend to melt or what your heat source will be, it's impossible  to answer your question. There are also many, many threads here on IFI about foundry construction and casting, so strongly suggest that you read over those and see what others recommend (both for and against). If you don't find what you need, at least you'll be in a position to ask a much better, informed question.

 Finally, if you put your location in your profile settings, it will be easier for other casters in your area to find you and even to help you in person. 

 Welcome to IFI!

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Grog is used in a very similar way to the aggregate in concrete, it reduces the amount of cement you need, and helps prevent cracking after curing. Grog is not the refractory material, it is just part of it. I suggest that if you have located a source of grog (pottery supply? ) they probably have a castable refractory mix that you could use to line your foundry. Do NOT use sand and plaster of paris, such as some youtube videos show (King of Random, to mention one...). You will not be happy with the results, might as well do it right the first time. Get at least something that is good to 2600 or 2800 F, if you are eventually wanting to try bronzes of any type. Oh, and spring for a proper crucible and SAFETY GEAR.

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