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Yodel peoples. I am somewhat (more like fully) a newbie to the whole blacksmithing thing so I'm wondering if I could get some suggestions. Okay stupid question number one..... How does one go about building an easy-to-build forge? something simple you know like you pick this up you put it there and you poke that a few times then stick your chunk of metal in. heating isn't too much of an issue being that my family and I heat our home with woodstoves and that blowtorch-size propain tanks are easy enough to obtain.
So my problem is not really heating but rather how to build my forge and what it should be built out of. I don't want it to be electric because for one reason we don't have 24/7 power and that that just adds yet another variable of confusing things to figure out. Another thing is that I need to be quite cost effective being that I'm not working right now.
Soooo anyone have an idea?


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Go to the top of the form page and click on user cp
click on edit profile
go to the bottom of the page, enter your location, and save.

We would like to know where in the world you are located.

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