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The long game to a "free shop"

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This goes back to about 8 years ago when I finally bought my first house back in the Dakotas. I grew up here and my family has been busting sod since they got off the boat. So generations of old farmsteads and such. It all started with a leg vice that was toss in on a deal for some tools I bought at a estate sale basicly 50 bucks and what ever you could fit into the bed of your truck. I was like cool free vice bigger than the lil small craft vice I have sold. So chunked into the truck. Next was a pedal grinder bound to be a yard ornaimate, this came from my grandmas house minus a wheel again drug out of the weeds then hauled home. 5 later a new grinding wheel showed up from the neighbors she'd still in crate. Leg vice 2 witch is mounted in my shop currently was found out on a farmstead field walk when I Went to investigate a bunch of old scrap pushed into a slough and saw the leg sticking out of the water. So 30 minutes and wet pants I drug it out and slung over shoulder with dog in tow. Finally the forge this was a shelter belt find at another abandon family farmstead near a collapsed building in the lilac bush upside down.. never to not let a old building not spike the investigation I walked around and saw the legs sticking up and the blower out of the grass under the bush.. hacking and slashing I freed it up toss it in the truck and home it went.. 4 years later and this stuff tossed in garden sheds garage and basement I finally got my shop for free. This was from my neighbor who left town and needed to clean his property so one old tarp building frame and poll barn tin later and help from some good friends we built it over a weekend.. a LONG weekend. 2 years of searching and my work in mechanical shops yielded 3 bits of rail track some benches and such. And finally last week and asking the right people yielded the anvil. Asides from a lot of gass, grunt blood sweat and beers net cost 300 bucks of screws misc tools and a few hammers. If you play the long game and put the leg work investigation time effort blood sweat you will get there and maybe just maybe on the cheap and still have coin to stock the beer fridge btw got that free too.





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Sodamac, ditto,  my shop was about 35 years in the coming,  I aquired a forge 30years  ago had it repaird at work for a carton of cider,  converted an old leanto using bridge timbers etc total cost about $80 bucks A cash for assorted bolts, the rest all salvage!  You will just maybe need to knock up a hood and flue and a hitching rail outside !! Great use of your network and great having some good mates to help !!





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