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Hay Budden age?

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Hey guys,


Can someone pull out a copy of "Anvils in America" and identify a new acquisition for me please?

I have a friend that was kind enough to gift me a Hay Budden anvil that once belonged to his Father. The only thing he asked was that I never sell it and that I used it for what it was intended. He told me his Dad would be proud knowing that his anvil was being rung again by someone who enjoyed the craft. In addition he asked if I could find anything out about the history of the anvil to please pass it along to him. I would love to provide him with that information if I can.

The anvil is in really nice shape. It has a steel top. It is 141 lbs or that is what is stamped on the side. You can clearly see Manufactured in Brooklyn NY on the side right above the weight and you can just barely make out Hay Budden above that.

Under the horn there is # "3734" on the left side and a "B" on the right side. Under the heal of the anvil on the left bottom side there is a deep "3" stamped in it.

Over all it is in very nice condition.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



A few pics of the numbers





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