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I Forge Iron

Is there a forge registry?

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Do yourself a favor and google the word "Forge".  Most of the results will be for anything but metal working.  Marketers use "forge" to convey toughness, rusticity or antiquity for whatever they're selling.  It's 2017, If your name won't get to the top of a google search, you will lose business.

People love nature and businesses named after a notable geographical feature not only benefit from the pleasant association, they also convey their location.  However it REALLY doesn't matter if you move later on down the line.  Philadelphia Cream Cheese wasn't started in Philadelphia.  They chose the city name because it was famous for high-quality products.

Since modern marketing pretty much refuses to name a business on what they actually produce, you'll find fewer competitors on google by naming yourself for what you make.  Think about how much money was spent in marketing efforts to teach the public that "The GAP" is a clothing store.  A small shop just can't afford to make things harder for themselves by following that example.


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