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100HT Ceramic Coating

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The container my product arrived in was broken. The coating at this point is somewhat moist and provides some, but little resistance to finger pressure. I have stored it at this point in an ex butter container in case the coating is still functional. Its a little harder than drywall putty. I think mixing it in water will keep it functional.  Pictures were taken in case a replacement is needed. 

But just in case, I'd like to ask you professionals and professional advisers if applying a coat of this stuff thats been exposed to air before mixing will affect its intended purpose. 

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Welcome aboard Hunter, glad to have you. If you'll put your general location in the header you might be surprised how many of the Iforge gang live within visiting distance.

That's ITC-100. Add clean water till it's the consistency you like and apply it to the dampened refractory. As per Mikey's advice adding food coloring to the solution lets you see how well it covers. I think it's a darned good idea.

You can dilute it enough it'll spray in a spray bottle just keep shaking it.

It's not a time sensitive product in the can, jar, etc. it's basically kaolin clay and zirconium silicate of various grit size depending on the specific ITC product.

Frosty The Lucky.

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