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Good Morning To All

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Good morning dear blacksmiths 

Hello, I'm brand new, as in less than a week, to blacksmithing. I'm planning to stay at the hobby level, mostly just for fun, and maybe making gifts for friends/family. I find the pursuit of ancient skills fascinating, and I like making things, so blacksmithing was a natural interest. 

Im self/internet learning because I don't know any smiths.  I'm sure I'll never be a master, but I think basic competence a worthy goal. I'm sure I'll learn as much from you all as I do from my own hammer.

(bonus points if you understood the opening 4 lines)

Duplicate lines of text deleted

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Welcome aboard Q T glad to have you. No point for me. Here's one back at you. "Whether you believe that you can or you believe that you can't. You're right." Who said that? You'll master the craft if you want it enough.

You're brand new you say? I've heard of guys getting started early but less than a week old, wow! I couldn't open my eyes at a week old. 

Hook up with the CBA, it's a very active group. I'd be VERY surprised if there aren't any blacksmiths in the Santa Maria area. Having joined this gang word'll get out though and you'll meet folks.

Frosty The Lucky.

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I guess I can't blame you for not getting points, the forum pixies deleted three of the four lines you needed!

What I wrote was the lyrics to the 1890s song, "Good Morning To All," (the tune Happy Birthday is based on), but replaced the word "children" with "blacksmiths."  I guess that's what I get for trying to be clever. I'll try again without linebreaks:
"Good morning to all.  Good morning to all.  Good morning dear blacksmiths.  Good morning to all."  

Ps. Henry Ford?

We pixies edit because we deal with grown up topics here and while game playing is allowed, it is not a good start for an introduction to be posting the look at me stuff with only one line of a real post included. Some members here pay for bandwidth so repeats do get removed automatically

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