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I Forge Iron

New from Nanaimo, BC.


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hello to everyone.i just started this computer stuff a few months back and i stumbled onto this site a month ago.i really lucked out to find such an informative and friendly bunch of folk on a super forum.we live(wife and 2dogs)in nanaimo,b.c. canada which is on vancouver island ,the west coast.i started blacksmithing 2.5yrs when my wifes friend offered me the anvil that had been sitting in her garden for 20yrs. turned out to be a 333lb peter wright in real good shape plus it had been painted.i probably only have about 800 working hours at the forge but im always trying to learn and the BP section has already proved its worth.im sure glad to know if ive got aproblem there is lots of help out there.that anvil has started me on wonderful adventure of the mind and soul that has got my imagination going again.use it or lose it is true.i hadnt really done anything artistic since high school(35yrs ago)so its definitely been fun so far,im looking forward to the next 50yrs.two of my goals are to live to be at least 100 and to be able to call myself a blacksmith.hopefully the blacksmith part comes first!best regards steve hansl.

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Welcome Steve!

My ex had relatives in Port Alberni so we went through Nanaimo on many occasions when we'd go a-visitin' - Beautiful part of the world you live in.

I just discovered this site myself this month and you're right - it's a great resource full o' good folk!


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